Watch Breaking and Entering on PBS this spring!

Breaking and Entering will be screening on PBS in several markets beginning in April. Here’s the current list:

CONN-Hartford CT
KCTS-Seattle WA
KENT-Lexington KY
KLRU-Austin TX
KRSU-Claremore OK
KTCA-St. Paul MN
LOUI-Baton Rouge LA
WFYI-Indianapolis IN
WISC-Madison WI

Please share with anyone in these markets that might be interested! Thank you for your support!

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Watch Breaking and Entering online! Buy the DVD! Tell Friends!

It doesn’t have to be in that order, but FINALLY Breaking and Entering is available to watch and rent and buy.

Here’s where you can watch online:

Amazon Streaming

And if you want the hard copy DVD to own or give as a gift, you can get it at: (available Oct. 23).

There are 20 minutes of deleted scenes on the DVD! It’s a great gift for any Guinness World Records or independent film lovers.

After you watch it, if you enjoy it, please spread the word.

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Breaking and Entering available on DVD on October 23d!!

Finally, our documentary will be available on DVD on October 23rd. You can pre-order by clicking here.

If you’ve seen the film and enjoy it, please spread the word. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is your chance. There are lots of deleted scenes in addition to the award-winning film! It’s a great holiday gift for anyone who likes the Guinness World Records book or anyone who likes a good and inspiring family friendly film.

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Herald Palladium Interview

Had a nice interview with Jeremy D. Bonfiglio at the Herald Palladium leading up to our screening at the Vickers Theatre. Here’s the result. Check it out if you have time. Looking forward to the screening tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m.

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Vickers Theatre and Hardacre Film Festival

This coming Friday, August 5th, we’ll be screening at the Vickers Theatre in Three Oaks, MI. I’ve been lucky enough to watch a film there several years back. It’s near my friend’s cottage and it’s one of the coolest little theaters around, and we’re thrilled to show B and E there. Kelley Maher and I (and maybe Ashley Nath) will have a Q and A after the screening and I believe there’s a little wine and cheese reception after as well. Do yourself a favor and check out the Vickers website to see pictures of this little gem and to get more information. Click here.

The following morning I’ll be driving with Ashley to Tipton, Iowa to attend the Hardacre Film Festival. I just found out that we won the runner up jury award too! Pictures from past festivals look really neat and we’ll be staying at local bed and breakfast and taking it all in.And we got a good review from the Little Village Magazine. Go to page 24 here to check it out.

Excited about both events. The Vickers is less than 2 hours from Chicago! And even closer to South Bend, IN. It would be amazing to have a good crowd there (and in Iowa!)

Stay tuned for more exciting information.

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Wisconsin, Tallahassee, and Atlanta!

I was on such a high after the Wisconsin Film Festival that it’s taken a little while to get back into the swing of things. Here is the promised picture that my friend Tina took of Kelley and myself doing the Q&A after the screening in Madison. 

After the screening we went out for a bite to eat and took a picture. Almost all of these people drove all the way in from Chicago to see it. Super grateful to have such good friends and family. So a week later I went down to the Tallahassee Film Festival. One of the really cool things we did was go on a tour of Tallahassee and the surrounding areas to show that this would be a good place to shoot our next film. I had a few drinks the night before after a long trip (I left at 4 a.m. to fly into an airport several hours away and barely made it in time for a documentary panel that I was part of, so I was tired), and I frankly didn’t want to participate in the tour. And besides I had to meet Michal Kapral who was coming in for the screening as well (graciously) later in the afternoon. AND, I wanted to be rested for the screening that night since the tour was from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m…. and I had another panel at 2:30!

I ended up really enjoying the tour. We went to this nature preserve where they shoot a lot of films and I took a few pictures with my iphone, so pardon the quality. 

We went to a bunch of other places including a town (I forgot the name) where the local banker secretly invested most of the town’s money in Coca-Cola stock and told everyone one day that they were all millionaires. Crazy.

We went to the FSU Stadium and, being a Notre Dame football fan, I reluctantly took this picture to be gracious to my hosts. I’ve since burned it.

My phone died soon after so I don’t have many other pictures of the tour, but like I said, a lot of fun.

Michal Kapral came down from Canada to be part of the screening and do a joggling presentation. The theater is part of the FSU film school and super cool, and the projector gave a gorgeous image.

Here’s Michal doing his joggling demonstration. He was unfazed by the first question from the audience from a 7 or 8 year old, “why did you come all the way down to Tallahassee?”I met a few other filmmakers that I really enjoyed hanging out with and getting to know better. Tyler Elliot was there with his film Hooligans at War, which played at the same time as mine so I wasn’t able to see it, but it looks great. Check it out.  And I hung out with the guys, Ahmed Ahmed and Taylor Feltner, who made Just Like Us, which I was able to check out later that night and I enjoyed it a lot. We all participated in the panel after the tour together and they had a lot of interesting things to say. I’m hoping to meet up with Taylor after our screenings this Saturday at the Atlanta Film Festival, where we’re both playing (at the same time).

Atlanta Film Festival you ask??? Yes. Winnie, Guffman, and I drove down from Chicago to come to be part of the Atlanta Film Festival. We left on Wednesday, and were going to try to push through to make it in one day, but decided to delay it a bit because of the pending crappy weather. We ended up staying in Franklin, TN and completing the trip today. I’m glad we didn’t try to fight through the bad weather. There were many tornadoes that tore through the area and we got glimpses of them along the way.

We made it to Atlanta and Guffman is in heaven running around and swimming and playing in the monkey grass at my in-laws.

My friend Curt Gill is in PR and was nice enough to get me on a few radio shows here in Atlanta. Now I know how some of the subjects in my film feel when we would shoot 20 hours of footage and they’re in the final movie for 10 seconds or something. I did a 15 or 20 minute interview the other morning and they used a couple seconds of it here. But I’m happy that they’re promoting Breaking and Entering and the Atlanta Film Festival, even though I sound like a jag.

I’m really excited to be back in Atlanta, and can’t wait to screen Breaking and Entering with family and friends. Get your tickets here if you haven’t already.

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Wow! What a screening!

Unbelievable screening at the Wisconsin Film Festival!

Let me start from the beginning. The festival gave me 16 tickets to the screening for my friends and family (and myself). Despite my best intentions of getting there 30 minutes early to dish out the tickets to my friends and family I got there probably ten minutes early in a semi-panic. I saw a long line of probably 75-100 people in line when I got to the theater, which immediately made me feel at ease. It was 11:00 a.m. and I was worried that nobody was going to show. I got to the front of the line asking for the volunteer who would be introducing me, and they told me that I was at the wrong theater and I had to go downstairs to the theater. I went down the stairs and there was no line at all. The only people down there were my friends waiting for tickets. No line at my theater. No 75-100 people. At least my friends were there I thought. So I introduced myself to the volunteer and walked into the Student Union Theater. It turns out that the festival director, Meg Hamel, was going to introduce me so we started looking for her. I walked into the theater, and not only was it ENORMOUS, but it was PACKED! I don’t know what the official headcount was, but I would guess at least 700 people… EASILY the biggest screening we’ve ever had. WOW! Absolutely surreal.

I met Meg briefly and she introduced me and the next thing I knew the movie was starting with Ashrita and his giant hula hoop. I can immediately tell how the screening is likely going to be by the reaction to the hula hoop. About ten seconds into this screening I knew it was going to be a good one. The audience was engaged from the beginning to the end. Unbelievable screening! Unbelievable audience!

My wife was sitting next to me and I glanced over and saw her shedding a few tears. I have to admit that I welled up a bit myself and I thought about the journey of making this film. I thought of how I met with Kelley Maher (producer) in the beginning and we decided to actually go for it and make this documentary that had been on my mind for so long. Then I thought of all the various places we shot footage and all the amazing people we met along the way. And I thought of the editing process with Ashley Nath (editor), and how many hours we spent editing this movie from 260 hours down to 88 minutes. I exhaled and just enjoyed watching it with such an engaged audience.

We did a quick Q&A with the audience, which was fun. And we got pushed out the door so they could get the theater ready for the next screening. I brought my camera but didn’t take any pictures. I always forget to do that, and my head was in the clouds a bit so you’ll have to excuse me. Somebody did get one picture of me and Kelley that I’m linking here.

My friends Paul and Tina may have a picture or two that I can post later (they came in from their anniversary celebration in Milwaukee. So nice!)

All in all, great time. I just wish it went on longer. Thank you, Madtown!

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