Wisconsin Film Festival

Over a dozen years ago I stumbled on a documentary that changed my life called “American Movie.” It’s the story of a Milwaukee, WI man who is trying to make his first feature film. In the middle of everything he realizes he has to finish his short film called “Coven” to try to raise money for his feature. It’s an amazing movie and opened my eyes to what documentaries could be. There are other films that have inspired me along the way, but none more than “American Movie.”

Soon after seeing “American Movie” I was lucky enough to see “Coven” at a packed movie theater as part of the Wisconsin Film Festival. Now years later I’m thrilled to announce that we’ll be part of the Wisconsin Film Festival on April 2, at 11:00 a.m. It will be playing at the Student Union Theater, which is enormous and beautiful, so spread the word.  (And if you haven’t seen “American Movie” yet, go rent it tonight!)

Here’s the link.

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