Wisconsin Film Festival

Winnie, Guffman, and I drove from Chicago to Madison this morning to be part of the WORT-FM interview at 1:40. It started snowing on our way up (April, sigh), but we made it in time to check in to our hotel and walk to the Four Star Video Heaven for the interview. They let Guffman in as long as he didn’t bark, which he did almost immediately. So, Winnie and Guffman were banished to the “green room.” We were able to listen to the archive of the show back at the hotel. I’m on from minute 40-48. Here it is. The guys on the radio were really funny and nice and it was fun to be on with them.

After the interview, we dropped off Guff and went out to lunch with two other filmmakers who were interviewed, Justin (here’s his film) and Brett (and his film). It turns out that Brett played his film at the Cucalorus Film Festival AND the ReRun Theater. AND he came to see BREAKING AND ENTERING at Cucalorus. I’m going to break my run of not going to see other films at film festivals and Winnie and I are going to see his at the Student Union Theater tomorrow. (Justin’s is already sold out).

After lunch we picked up the passes from theater and walked back to our hotel. My friend Andrew Kaplan has some ins in Madison and was able to get posters put up around town and we stumbled on one near the Union. It looks really cool around the other posters! Thanks, Andy! 

It also turns out that Winnie sells her jewelry (she’s a jewelry designer and a pretty darn good one if I do say so myself) to a store only a few blocks away from our hotel, Atticus. We checked it out and now we’re back at the hotel. We play tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. at the Student Union Theater.

A dozen or so years ago I saw the short movie COVEN at the Wisconsin Film Festival, which was featured in the documentary AMERICAN MOVIE. AMERICAN MOVIE is still my favorite documentary (BREAKING AND ENTERING is a close second), and is a big reason I wanted to make a documentary. So I feel a little nostalgia here in Madison, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s screening.

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