Vickers Theatre and Hardacre Film Festival

This coming Friday, August 5th, we’ll be screening at the Vickers Theatre in Three Oaks, MI. I’ve been lucky enough to watch a film there several years back. It’s near my friend’s cottage and it’s one of the coolest little theaters around, and we’re thrilled to show B and E there. Kelley Maher and I (and maybe Ashley Nath) will have a Q and A after the screening and I believe there’s a little wine and cheese reception after as well. Do yourself a favor and check out the Vickers website to see pictures of this little gem and to get more information. Click here.

The following morning I’ll be driving with Ashley to Tipton, Iowa to attend the Hardacre Film Festival. I just found out that we won the runner up jury award too! Pictures from past festivals look really neat and we’ll be staying at local bed and breakfast and taking it all in.And we got a good review from the Little Village Magazine. Go to page 24 here to check it out.

Excited about both events. The Vickers is less than 2 hours from Chicago! And even closer to South Bend, IN. It would be amazing to have a good crowd there (and in Iowa!)

Stay tuned for more exciting information.

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