Wisconsin Film Festival

Over a dozen years ago I stumbled on a documentary that changed my life called “American Movie.” It’s the story of a Milwaukee, WI man who is trying to make his first feature film. In the middle of everything he realizes he has to finish his short film called “Coven” to try to raise money for his feature. It’s an amazing movie and opened my eyes to what documentaries could be. There are other films that have inspired me along the way, but none more than “American Movie.”

Soon after seeing “American Movie” I was lucky enough to see “Coven” at a packed movie theater as part of the Wisconsin Film Festival. Now years later I’m thrilled to announce that we’ll be part of the Wisconsin Film Festival on April 2, at 11:00 a.m. It will be playing at the Student Union Theater, which is enormous and beautiful, so spread the word.  (And if you haven’t seen “American Movie” yet, go rent it tonight!)

Here’s the link.

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Macon Film Festival Information

We’ll be screening at the Macon Film Festival two times. The first is on Friday, Feb. 18th at 11:45 at the Macon Marriott  City Center. The second is on Saturday, Feb. 19th at 1:00 p.m. at the Cox Capitol Theatre. Absolutely gorgeous theatre! Should be fun to show the film there.

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“Breaking and Entering” at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

Wow! Really happy to say that Breaking and Entering will be part of the 2011 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula, Montana. If you spend a few minutes looking at the selections, it’s quickly apparent that we’re in very good company. We’ll be screening on Saturday, Feb. 19th at 4:20 p.m. at the Wilma 2 Theater.

Check it out here!

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Thank you, New York!! Great Reviews! Great Times!

Wow! What an amazing weekend at the ReRun Gastropub Theater’s screening of our film. The premiere was sold out with an enthusiastic crowd. Thanks to everyone who came out to support it, and thanks to Aaron Hillis and the theater for bringing us in. Thanks also to the World’s Fastest Talking Woman, Fran Capo, for putting on quite a show.

We received several great reviews, including the New York Times, who called Breaking and Entering, “a brisk and absorbing tour of the human ego!

Also, Variety said, “Often hilarious, occasionally poignant and altogether revelatory… A breakout crowd-pleaser!

And lastly BeaconPass said, “The record for longest laugh is almost certain to be determined at a screening of BREAKING AND ENTERING. Prepare to be touched, regardless of your giggling…

Here are some pictures of the event:

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Salem Film Fest and Macon Film Festival!

Happy to announce that we’ve been invited to be part of two more film festivals: The Salem Film Fest and the Macon Film Festival. I don’t have the exact dates and times when Breaking and Entering will be playing at either yet, but sometime between March 4-10 for Salem and Feb. 17-20th for Macon.

Both look like great film festivals.

The Salem Film Fest is an all-documentary film festival outside of Boston (in Salem, MA) with documentaries from around the world, and the Macon Film Festival in Macon, GA plays most of its films at the gorgeous Cox Capitol Theatre. We’re honored to be part of both. More details when we get them.

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Get your tickets!!!

Tickets are now officially on sale for our New York City theatrical run from Jan. 14-20th:


It’s at the ReRun Gastropub Theater in Brooklyn, a 60-seater, and tickets are only 5 bucks, so get them before they sell out! The ReRun is a theater/bar so come early for drinks!

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New York City Theatrical Premiere – Jan. 14-20th

Breaking and Entering will have its New York City theatrical premiere the week of Jan. 14-20th at the ReRun Gastropub Theater in Brooklyn.

On opening night, Jan. 14th, Fran Capo, the world’s fastest talking woman will be there to showcase her skills and answer any questions from the audience. I (Benjamin Fingerhut) will also be there with my brother, the Director of Photography (Geoffrey Fingerhut), and we’d be happy to answer any questions as well.

You can purchase tickets directly from the ReRun website starting a couple of weeks before the first screening. It’s a small theater, 60-65 seats, and there’s a pretty good chance it could sell out, so check back and get your tickets early. Tickets are only $5 and they sell booze and snacks. We’re really looking forward to screening Breaking and Entering in Brooklyn, and hope to see you there.

Please spread the word!

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